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my state of mental


sitting here
in lowly light
wondering what’s to come
of the the plans
the panic
the unmet goals
which feels like the sum of my life
intentions that shine
with the motivation
of a jump-started car
ending in a putt putt
of pathetic disgrace
and a car that no longer starts
waiting for that next good samaritan
that will help me a long
pump words into me
like a hype man at a rap concert
but what happens when i go home
to the reminders, the lists
the wishes and the unorganized mess
of a life that can’t seem to get organized
piles and piles
of future versions of me
more like a skinnier, richer,
more glorious me
wait what?
I mean a more holy, hard working
but still skinnier me
maybe thats what is twisted
backwards and flawed
my mental state
is more like me in a state of mental
glory to me?
should be glory to He
He who is highest
He who shines brightest
how can anything outshine the sun
or should I say the Son
but in all this impossible
He whispers in the chaos
the intentions and failures
that I am made in His image
which is better than any version of my own.

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She was deep in sleep
as if she had taken a bite of that apple
you know the one i’m talking about
the one that the darkness lured her with
like the glitter and gold
the newer and better
all that shines
so bright it blinds
our perfectly working eyes
to follow it closely
the fragrance
the smell
that disguises the hell
it leads us to
the slaughter
we can’t refuse
but we don’t have to
there’s one who takes our place
at the front of the line
standing face to face
with our hell
to let us go free
her eyes open slowly
then grow big and wide
she looks down at that apple
and tosses it aside.

it doesn't have to rhyme


i see three
three pieces of me
three heavens on earth
three gifted to me

words aren’t enough
i cannot hold any tighter
to the three that i see
the three gifted to me

not enough time
enough time to breath in
my heaven times three
the three gifted to me

gazes met with smiles
embraces held a second longer
holding on to my three
the three gifted to me