it doesn't have to rhyme


i see three
three pieces of me
three heavens on earth
three gifted to me

words aren’t enough
i cannot hold any tighter
to the three that i see
the three gifted to me

not enough time
enough time to breath in
my heaven times three
the three gifted to me

gazes met with smiles
embraces held a second longer
holding on to my three
the three gifted to me

Word Stories

Even Though

by: Michelle Street

Even though I love my children with all my heart, I still love men too and want to party. Such an internal struggle.

Even though I love the Lord and pray every day, I am still fallen. I am still sinful, yet forgiven.

Even though I love this man, I am still unsure. I will still react in destructive ways. I will still guard myself from the inevitable pain of loving someone so much your expectations become unrealistic.

Even though life is good… and I mean REALLY good, I still desire more. Lord, why is that??

Even though today is my first day of sobriety and I know the road ahead is going to be a hard one, the road I’ve travelled so far is pulling me so deep into darkness, I almost cannot see light. At least there is light on the road ahead.

Even though sadness and pain overwhelm me most days, outwardly I cannot falter. My kids deserve better. So instead, I’ll keep working toward the day that the inside matches the outside.

Word Stories


by: Michelle Street

I lived every moment fully vulnerable, fully open to the possibility, allowing new love to overshadow past hurt. Every time was new and fresh … a clean slate. Two broken people, letting go long enough to love enough to mend the fragments.   Together, scraps were made whole.

Every time was untainted, filled with trust and honesty. Every time the bond grew stronger, the love cemented and I fell deeper. Then, fear and uncertainty were replaced with hope for a future. I stopped fighting it and finally gave in.

Then I woke up … it was just a dream.